We just opened for the Dan Band May 21st again. Where were you?
  • Yes, the DAN BAND‘s favorite opening act is the Lampshades.

    Do you have a time machine? Well use it!

    We just opened for the Dan Band on Friday, May 21st at the Club Nokia at 8pm. If you had come down to LA LIVE and you would have seen that Craig Robinson was in the audience (that was last show) but this time Kathy Najimi was there (cuz she’s married to Dan), Leah Remini from King of Queens, that Food Network guy turned NBC host Guy (blonde spikey hair) Fiero and TCM  weekend host Ben Mankiewicz (not BIll Hader from SNL!)

    So get in your time machine and come to our Dan Band Show!

    The Dan Band, (as seen in The Hangover, Old School and Leno) puts on one hell of a show!

    for tix and info go to www.theDanBand.com

    We got your Cover Songs COVERed.

    if your were there– say so, below!

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