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    We like show biz duos We are not a couple. We are a male/female showbiz duo. Yeah, yeah, yeah.  If you’ve seen our show you already know that. Please indulge us by sending the look-a-likes, ideas and photos of your favorite showbiz male/female duos who look like the Lampshades to the following address: fansofthelampshades@gmail.com. We promise we won’t diss your look-a-likes.

    Some of the showbiz duos who’ve inspired us are as follows….

    Sonny and Cher

    Marty and Elaine

    Mortitia and Gomez Addams

    John Waters and Divine

    Tony Orlando and half of Dawn

    Dirty Sanchez’s Jackie Beat and Mario Diaz

    Dean Martin and Joey Heatherton (she was a guest on his show once)

    Winners of The Lampshades look-a-like contest aka The Lil’ Lampshades

    (For the past five years we have had the honor of having the winners of the Lampshades look-a-like contest on stage with us a few times a year. We sometimes refer to them as the Lil’ Lampshades. Lily and Liam Larson are not a couple. They are brother and sister and their mom has been dressing them up like Kassie and Hori since they were 5 and 4 years old.  Check out their growth in size and style. Adorable Liam has really perfected the drunken stare.  And beautiful, little Lily sorta looks like Jon Bennet on crack.)

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