Mash Up, Anyone?
  • Got any MASH UP ideas for us?

    In case you’ve been so drunk you hadn’t noticed, The Lampshades are known for putting together songs that don’t normally go together.  No showtune duet crap. Just two or three songs that don’t normally go together.

    “Mash ups” are what the kids call them today.

    Just to remind you, here are a few Lampshades’ classic mash ups:

    Barry Manilow’s Mandy and Looking Glasses’ Brandy with

    Sammy Davis’ Candy Man and Theme to Andy Griffith

    Prince’s When Doves Cry with They Might Be Giants’ Birdhouse In Your Soul

    Bing Crosby’s White Christmas with the Theme to Midnight Cowboy

    Mr. Rodgers’ It’s Such A Good Feeling To Know You’re Alive with Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing and Sesame Street’s Who Are The People In Your Neighborhood and One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

    You get the point.

    Now we want to know YOUR mash up ideas.

    (Btw, you can download these Lampshades songs for free!)

    We dare to come up with something great.

    Get to work! Leave two song titles you’d like to mash up in the comments below!

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