The Office and The Lampshades
  • Meredith vs. the Lampshades’ lady.


    NBC’s The Office has almost nothing to do with the Lampshades except for KATE FLANNERY.

    Season 7 of the Office already!! Can you believe it ?  Season 6 is out on DVD at and Hi, !I am Kate Flannery and I do play Meredith, the drunken, accident prone tart on The Office.  I created my Lampshades character years before Meredith was invented. I was still working in a restaurant in Beverly Hills and I had been doing the Lampshades for about 5 years when I got the job on the American version of the British favorite that felt like it could not be duplicated by some dumb American cast.  Sure, I had high hopes, but low expectations of the Office at first. I did finally quit my restaurant job right before the second season.  A tough decision. My slightly stained white apron pocket was a perfect fit for my Lampshades postcards which sometimes went down with the check on to the table of an influential person. I did begin to wait on the exec producer and a few directors of the Office, the Lampshades gig on the tip of my toungue along with the freshly memorized daily specials.

    What do we have in common? Well. we both have red hair and we have a boozy, sleezy somewhat twisted, sexy quality to us. But Meredith is right handed and works with Steve Carell (for now anyway) will Kassie Chew is left handed and works with the scotch soaked, chain smoking Hori Pismo aka Scot Robinson. The Office is shot like a movie and the lampshades is a live show with a clapping laughing drinking crowd.  The Office, you can turn off. The Lampshades is in your face. (it requires cardio to go and get up and leave the show! Meredith dresses like a color blind kindergarten teacher and my lampshades character wears a red polyester jumpsuit with a camel toe that does not exist in the desert.

    If you don’t watch the Office go to and see what the fandimonium is all about. If you don’t watch the Office, what’s wrong with you?

    And I LOVE doing both shows. I am the luckiest sleaze bag I know (and I know a lot of sleaze bags) It’s great to do both shows. Life is short and I am going to live ’til I die. That’s all folks.

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