Wizards of Waverly Place guest stars the Lampshades!
  • The answer is YES! Selena Gomez is awesome. The Wizards of Waverly Plance episode entitled Wizards vs, Finkels aired this summer  and continues to air (about 75 times) on Disney Channel. Scot and I had such a great experience playing Harper’s mom and dad on Wizards. Jennifer Stone is adorable! David and Jake, sweet as hell. I met Jenn last year at a charity softball game. Oh, she’s got game. When I met her I thought she looked a little like my niece. How funny that a year later I would play her mom! Life is crazy. Showbiz is ridiculous! Thanks to show runner, Peter Murrietta, who is a Lmapshades friend and fan (we’ve known Peter since 1989 during our Chicago Second City days) we got to do the show. He thought it made perfect sense that a weird version of the Lampshades would work as Harper’s “always out of town” parents. What a blast! God Bless Peter Murietta. What a smart kids show. Beware– our characters are wayyy more possitive than our the SHADES. No booze and no camel toe! Oh- and we are called Marty and Elaine. Sorry Dresden act! Let us know what your kids think.

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