• Thanks for everyone who came to see me , Kate Flannery  in the Nora Ephron  and Delia Ephron play,
    LOVE LOSS AND WHAT I WORE  from Dec. 9th – Jan. 9th in NYC@ Westside Theatre

    I had such a blast doing the show! Thanks to all who trapest thru the snow and Christmas and new years’ CROWDS.

    It really was kinda  like “This is your life” (an old TV show from the 1950’s where people had a forced on stage reunion with family and friends) (Wait– that doesn’t sound so good) I am so grateful for all the support.

    Broadway fans, fyi. We had some great talent come see the show– Donna McKecknie from the original cast of A CHORUS LINE – (God, I hope she got it!) Celeste Holm, the Academy Award winning actress who also starred in Rogers and Hammerstien’s CINDERELLA. Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara– the hippest couple over 70! The great Alan Alda of MASH and a million other things. And of corse, my co-stars, Didi Conn, Mary Testa, Brenda Braxton, and Loretta Swit.

    I am the luckiest person I know. What a great way to ring in the new year!


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