Our audience is filled with stars! Betsy Brandt from Breaking Bad, Beth Grant from The Artist…
  • We have some serious celeb support.  No, Seriously!.  This ain’t no AA meeting so I am blabbing it up.  The great Craig Robinson and his entire family was at The Lampshades.  Jessie Tyler Fergeson from MODERN FAMILY, Jerry Mathers, THE BEAVER. Oh yeah, and the great PEE WEE HERMAN came dressed as Paul Ruebens. Excuse me while I pick up that name I just dropped.And so did Beth Grant from THE MINDY PROJECT. Dot Marie Jones from GLEE is a Lampshades fan, too. Anybody?

    Our audiences are as exciting as our shows! Our old friend, MODERN FAMILY’S ERIC STONESTREET.  Also PARKS AND REC’s NICK OFFERMAN and his WILL & GRACE real life wife MEGAN MULLALLY came to see us. They are so adorable.   And of course, ANDY DICK was forceable removed from our show last year for laughing too hard and yelling, “I CAN”T TAKE IT. THEY ARE SOOO FUNNY!” High on laughter?? Seriously.

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