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  • The Lampshades show with Garfunkle and Oates and Megan Mullally’s Nancy and Beth got a decent write up. Thanks to Art Levine for our fantastic recent review… “In the final section, I turn to the music comedy show, and after praising Garfunkel and Oates, I turn to the Lampshades; Yet on the same bill as Garfunkel and Oates was another comedy singing duo, The Lampshades, a parody of an over-the-hill cruise ship act that may have offered the richest and deepest comedy of the entire festival. It featured Kate Flannery, who played the drunken, slatternly Meredith on The Office and Scott Robinson, an improvisational actor known from The Wizards of Waverly Place TV show and Anchorman. They’ve been playing this duo for over a decade with monthly gigs at the iO West comedy club [that’s what it said on your gig listings…what’s it actually called?] in Los Angeles and as opening acts. With an oversized red wig, dressed in an all-red, too tight pantsuit, and equipped with a surprisingly good voice, Flannery, a master of physical comedy and over-the-top characters, plays the role of a washed-up vixenish singer who is not-so-secretly pining for her drunken lout of a singing partner to fall in love — again? — with her. While she loudly insists, “We are not a couple!,” the backstory of their dysfunctional “relationship” — whatever it was or is — gradually unfolds during their cheesy renditions of pop and rock classics, including mash-ups of the ballads “Mandy” and “Brandy” while her partner wanders off stage in search of a drink. Probably the biggest laughs came during an uproarious slow, purportedly “sexy” version of the Doors’ “Light my Fiya,” with Flannery, as the singer Kassie Chew, doing outrageous squats and shaking her rump at the audience. Yet what Flannery is doing is more than just another parody of a lounge singer as Bill Murray did years ago on SNL. Instead, she’s built a comic character with an off-stage life and personal history we’re only barely glimpsing as she propositions the men in the audience and struggles to finish her set with not much help from her singing partner. It’s funny and heartbreaking, and a brilliant comic creation that deserves to be widely seen.- Art Levine” *********************** http://goo.gl/ntQRn1 That’s the shortened URL you can share on twitter

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